CloudPolice is a blog on which you will find tutorials, hand on guides, tips and tricks and reviews of Cloud products.


The objective of this blog is to provide practical info on all major cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform etc. Often people are confused about how to start there cloud journey or misunderstand the benifits what cloud brings on table for their business. Cloudpolice will try to adress those queries and provide simple steps to learn so you can also start step by step.

Technology on which CloudPolice is running.

CloudPolice.in is fully hosted on Amazon Web Service at this point in Mumbai region (ap-south-1) and running with multiple services which are from free tier as well as few are billable services.

1. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud: It is also knowns as EC2 which is virtual machine provided by AWS. I am using t2.micro instance type with 30Gb of SSD which is under free tier limit. As the learners will grow I will update the size if required.

2. Amazon Relational Database Service: It is also known as RDS and this blog is running using MariaDB RDS t2.micro instance type which is fully managed by AWS and I set up this in private subnet so only my EC2 which is web layer can talk with this database instance.

3. Virtual Private Cloud: It is knowns as VPC.This is a most important and starting part of any cloud deployment. VPC gives us isolation and control on our network.

4. Simple Storage Service: It is known as S3 which is one of the early stage service provided by AWS and it’s very famous for its Durability which is 11’9s. CloudPolice is storing it’s all static data i.e images, CSS and JavaScript on S3 for better performance and overcoming single point of failure.

5. Amazon CloudFront: It is a Content Delivery Network Service which is having 100+ point of presence across the globe which will help to accelerate the static data as well as Dynamic data to be present near to the area where users are accessing the cloudpolice.in This will help to increase the performance as users will face less latency. CloudPolice is using whole Site CloudFront to accelerate itself.
Also, CloudFront provides the DDoS Protection by default.

6. Amazon Certificate Manager: By using this service you will get free TLS/SSL Certificate which will help to secure your web application and make it more secure while data in transfer using Encryption. CloudPolice is accessible using https which make its secure for plain text request. CloudPolice Highly recommend this if you are running your application on AWS as installing SSL is a bit pain in the ass but AWS makes it’s very easy from generating the SSL to setting it up on CloudFront and Elastic Load Balancer.

Read simple steps to generate your TLS/SSL using Amazon Certificate Manage.

7. Amazon Elastic Cache: CloudPolice is using Redis Cache Engine which is fully hosted and Managed by Amazon for object caching. It’s also t2.micro instance which comes under free tier for a year. It provides In memory caching for Database query so every time when the page loads it will not put the load on RDS instance which is also a small instance.

What cloudPolice is trying to make it as distributed or multi-tier application so if needed it will scale to fulfill the demand. Full details on the architecture with step bybe publishede will be publish soon.