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AWS Certificate Manager is a service provided by AWS by using which you will get an SSL certificate at no cost. The beauty of this service is that you don’t need to take too long steps to get and install an SSL on your Application.

In a matter of few clicks, you will get full managed 2048 bits SSL Certificate which will be integrated with All types Load Balancers available on AWS and CloudFront which is Content Delivery Network Service.

In this post, I’m are going to generate our first SSL certificate for a domain name:

I’m assuming that you are already using AWS or have an active account with AWS. If not, then follow this simple steps guide to create your new AWS account. Creating account will not cost you anything. 😀

1. Select the region in which you want to use SSL or where your application is hosted. This service is available in all of the public regions.

Caution: (Keep in mind that SSL generated using ACM will work only with ELB’s and Cloudfront at this the time of writing ).


2. Click on the All Service Menu to see the services offered by AWS. Go to Security Section and you will find AWS Certificate Manager. Open that link.


3. You will see two offering there. Today I will go with Provision Certificate which will give Public TLS/SSL certificate. We will learn on the Private certificate feature in near feature so don’t stress your brain muscle today on that.

AWS Certificate manager

4. Select Request Public Certificate for your Web Application.


5. Fill out the domain name for which you would like to get SSL Certificate. I added root domain and wildcard domain. You can choose however you want.


6. This is the most important part. Choose this option carefully according to the permissions you have. I personally go with Email validation which I find much faster and easy way to get approval.


7. Just review it.


8. Now validation Step, you will see that AWS will find the admin email of the domain owner. In this case, its find my Gmail info which is attached to this domain.


9. Within a few seconds, you will receive a mail from Amazon Web Services for the confirmation. Click on the Amazon Certificate Approval link.


10. You need to click on “I Approve”.


11. After few seconds, Refresh you AWS page and you will see the status that certificate is an issue to you and ready for use.


12. You can check the validity from more info by clicking the drop down.


Even this site is running fully on AWS and its SSL issue from Amazon Certificate Manager. if you want to know more about what services are underneath this blog, read here.

Huuarraahh!! In just a few mins you will get a Wildcard Certificate for use. No more keys to manage and configure it manually. Everything is Managed by AWS Certificate Manager even the renewal part also. In this post, I’m not covering on renewal part but if you have any ques you can reach out.

Let me know your thoughts and share if you face any issue and how you resolve it.

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  1. Very simple and easy step to create SSL but I would like to know how to use it now for my website? I am not able to set it up on EC2. provide the further steps also.

    Thank you

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