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AWS by default will not give you assess to spinning up the instance due to AWS Limits when you create a new account. In previous post we create our new AWS account step by step and now its time to use some resources in that. but before using anything we need to raise a service request so they will allow us to use their services.

AWS is doing this due to the nature of service they don’t want that some will misuse their infrastructure for nasty purposes. They want to be safe their Regions and Availability Zones so for the existing customers they will fulfill their demands.

Also, AWS make sure that you are not going to spin up wrong instance type and end up paying huge. So before doing anything as its shared responsibility model, they want AWS user to reach them and create a service increase request.

Here is how to create a service request and within few minutes you will be able to use the AWS Services especially EC2.

1. Select the Region where you would like to host your Infrastructure. I am in India so going to choose Mumbai region.


2. Click on the Drop Down “All Services” and click on EC2.


3. Try to Launch Instance with any Instance type. When you click on the review page of launch instance step Click on Launch and below error with occur which clearly state due to your account verification purpose there is aws limit.


4. Now Again go back to EC2 page and in the Left-hand panel you will able to see “LIMITS”.


5. Click on the Limits and then it will show the screen like below which states that you cannot launch instance respective of its type mention in below image.


6. Click on the “Request limit Increase” beside any of the instances types which will take you to the AWS support center.


7. As you will have Basic Support plan which we choose while creating our new account you will be able to create Service Increase limit which doesn’t require any technical support or paid plan.


8. Enter all the desired info or your use case or you can add multiple instance type for limit increase request in a single support case. I mostly use the Phone method in which you will get a call within few seconds after submitting the support case. It will make work faster than web method in which you need to wait for their response to mail.


9. You will see the below display when AWS is trying to call you. I face some time this will not popup, that time better to request it again.



10. After few minutes you will be able to see the new limits. I request for t2.micro only but they increase other instance type limits also by default.which is really wow moment to see 😀


These are the simple steps to make your AWS account fully workable. Now you can spin up your first EC2 instance easily.

Keep remembering this these limits are on EC2 or the Services which are going to host or use EC2 underneath like ElasticBeanStalk (EBS), ElasticMapReduce (EMR), Elastic Container Service (ECS) etc. If you want to use only Simple Storage Service (S3) you can do that without any restrictions.

Also Refer to the AWS limits page carefully as few limits are Soft limits and few of them are Hard limits. Hard limits are the max no of resources you can use which is defined by AWS. SoftLimits you can increase it as per your need basis.

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  1. Very helpful post. Your writing can help us more effectively if some technicalities are also explained in the post itself. Please update it whenever you can.

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